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Dale Inskeep: Music

Gonna Take a Holiday

(Dale Inskeep)
Gonna Take A Holiday

I’ve got no watch, but still the time
is heavy on my mind
The calendar fills up so fast
I’m getting in a bind

Gonna take a holiday
Gonna take a holiday
Gonna take a holiday
It’s gonna last more than a day

Well I don’t dare turn the TV on
You’ll find all the bad news
Watch it for a little while
and then you’ll have the blues


Cell phone’s ringing yet again
Emails clog my brain
Just wanna sit without a schedule
and listen to the rain


Make my list to organize
but I don’t get too far
Instead I think I’ll mix a drink
and play on my guitar


I know the winds are steady now
South swell even lines
Gonna take a trip, have a holiday
with palm trees instead of pines