1. Bull Writer

From the recording Bull Writer

Most everyone is full of bull...many times, especially in the media, those who write it down!


Bull Writer

You tell a story ‘bout a railroad, how the trains go down the track
You threw a bottle and you broke it…and you said you aint coming back

Workin’ for the local paper, Holding up your flaming lighter
Hangin’ round that concert hall, a review from a bull writer

Telling stories out of your head, make believe the best they are
Like a movie based on true lies and the stories from the bar
You ain’t ridin’ any bronco or pullin’ an all-nighter
More like sittin’ on a pony, Just another fake bull writer

With your words and fancy phrases you try and hype up and excite her
It’s the only chance you’ve got ‘a phony fake bogus bull writer

You ain’t no cowboy- wearing floods, Winter Straw hat can’t be whiter
But you’re full of what my boots step in, just another fake bull writer


Your final draft is composing now, Your eulogy could be brighter
On your epitath we’ll just say one thing, You’re another…

Fabricated, full of it, counterfeit, artificial, false, pseudo, fake Bull Writer….END!