From the recording Tired of the Cold

It was a long winter without a just went right into summer...brrrr.


Tired of the Cold

I’m so tired of the cold, I need a sunny day
I refuse to get old, years fly away
I can’t feel the pain, down to my bones
I’m so tired of the cold, I’ll just stay home

I want to play in the sun and walk in the water and get myself a tan
Instead the skies are grey, there’s freezing rain and the snow, it falls out on the sand
I know there are four seasons but I think this year that we forgot about spring
Make a fire, play guitar, hang around the kids and the lady I gave a ring


I want to walk barefoot outside and have the ground convince my feet that it’s all good
Meanwhile we’ll stoke the fire, make it hot, and keep on splitting wood
The weather forecast says again that tomorrow morning the driveway’s going to freeze
I know we’ll be singing this song in the summer with sweat running down and wishing for a breeze