From the recording Ignoring All the Glare


Ignoring All the Glare

A West wind blows in through the trees
He’s running late, He’s lost his keys
Encouragement is all he needs
He wants to leave, but just can’t go

Climb down the ladder
Walk down the stair
Open up your eyes
Ignoring all the glare, Ignoring all the glare...

Everyone knows him, the one top guy
Sun’s going down, but it’s still in his eye
A better life he wished he could buy
But like the tide, he goes back in...


You think you knew him yesterday
Each and every time he acts a different way
Seems like all he wants to do is play
Or shed tears in his buried head...


I hear my songs on the radio
Time’s gone by, twenty years or so
The room turns bright and it starts to glow
But he’s six feet underground

Chorus x2