1. I'm Home

From the recording I'm Home


I’m Home

The fog disappears as the sun is setting down
Sitting on the sand, outside of Charlie Town
Campfire, friends and family hanging ‘round

Taking in the night, sharing up the sky
watching the full moon, huckleberry pie
Steal the time as I look into your eye(s)

Home is here when you’re with me
You warm my heart and help me see
Home is here when I’m with you
After all the years, the love’s still new
Home is here with Family
Just let it ride, Just let it be
Home is here with you my friend
The fire cracks...in the wind
Home, Home, I’m Home
Home, Home, I’m Home

Looking out, over the slough
standing on the deck, taking in the view
I...so love my time with you

Wandering inside, dog is on the floor
Kids are coming in and forgot to close the door
Laughing through the smiles that they wore


Hanging out a lot, you called me on the phone
If I ever needed, you’d give me a loan
pushing one another...in the zone

We haven’t talked for months, but it seems like just a day
Friendship’s cutting through as the sun sets on the bay
I know what you are thinking when you have nothing to say

...I’m home.