1. More Tequila

From the recording More Tequila


More Tequila

Anejo in my glass, disappears too fast
That hand-blown bottle was never meant to last
It’s a little bit blurred, but I know we had a blast
In the morning I don’t wanna hear I got too Nast-Y

Take a shot, with some salt and lime
Have another, just one more time
Don’t worry much about it, it ain’t no crime
More tequila and we’ll stay within our prime

You called me a Smart Alek, but that’s not true
You called me a Smart Ass, Yeah, That’s what I heard from you
When I woke up in the morning you said my right eye was black and blue
A little wrestling match last night, now that’s nothing new


I’ve had my shots down in Mexico
Tijuana, Ensenada, but mostly Cabo
I’ve heard the horror stories, they’re all hyped up for the show
I don’t believe the fallacy, “Gringos shouldn’t go”