1. One More Dance

From the recording One More Dance


One More Dance

Highs and lows and in betweens
But we all seem to listen to the time
Feeling Bad, Feeling Good
Sometimes we feel the way we should
at one time or another we find our way

We met a long long time ago
The sparkle in your eye and the lace upon your shirt
I wanted you, I didn’t try
I wished I did and wondered why
I knew the day would come when I’d be holding you

Time slows down, The clock goes back
I’m up ‘til dawn, I hit the sack
I’m coming home for your loving glance
Come on baby, let’s have just one more dance

Memories, Sights and scenes
The favorite ones you know I’ve been with you
Life goes by, way too fast
Our little kids grow up so fast
I feel like I’m still a teenage boy


Skin to skin and lips to lips
The pitter-patter still runs all through my heart
I talk to you, you’re my best friend
We’ll hold our hands until the end
I miss you when I’m gone away from you