Home Is Where Your Heart Is Feeling Home

Rain’s coming down. Waiting for the sunshine,
Waiting for the wind to switch from the West.
I know I’m living, in my own mind.
Hanging out here, away from the rest

The grass isn’t always greener,
She’s better than I’ve seen her,
Home is where your heart is feeling home
You leave on a big jet plane,
It’ll never be the same,
Home is where your heart is feeling home.

Close my eyes, I think...I’m just sitting in the line-up
It still is cloudy, but I know it’s gonna clear.
Another sip of merlot, from my wine cup,
It’s so cold, but I’ll hold you near


Waves coming on. Glowing in the sunshine.
Sitting here with my guitar, in the warm, soft sand.
Singing with the seabirds, everything is just fine.
Birds, wind, and the sand, and sea...completes my band.