2008 is looking great!

Thanks to everyone who packed the house on New Year's Eve. It was a blast playing with the four-piece and playing electric guitar. I was especially pleased that Gary came out...He's kicking some cancer ass at the moment and I know he'll be back in the water soon! Today is the 15 year anniversary of the day Bill Weaver and I had a nice visit from a 17 foot Great White Shark in Coos Bay...Time goes by way too fast! I received the final master of my new CD. Mark Hallman at the Congress House did a great job with that. My bro, Nellie, is working on some art for the album, then it will go into production. A special Thank You to Angela and Kevin for the tracks they sang/played on the album. The first burned copy of the master went to my friend, Gary Smither...2008 is your year, bro! Thanks again to y'all for the support and listening to the songs! Happy New Year! Kia Manuia, Dale

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