Cold Springtime!

I had a great time over in Bend with the family...relaxation, music, swimming, and snowboarding. Bippo and I wrapped up our monthly gigs at The Summit in Bend, but it looks like we'll be back for a Saturday night in May...I'll keep you posted. Danny, Carmen and I did the Bakersfield Telecaster Trio last night and had a great time...A nice full house again. Thanks, Y'all! Next Thusday at the Tide, we'll be joined by Dave Ford and have some belly dancers during an intermission...Cool! Then, on Saturday night, we'll be playing at Rogers Zoo for a SMART Reading benefit...$5 at the door will go ALL to SMART Reading in our area...Also, you can purchase my Cd's for $15 and $10 of that will go to SMART Reading too. I've added a few pictures on the site and all the lyrics are in place for my Saltwater Cowboy Album...Smile and Pretend is in the works and I'll be receiving the proofs of the layout on Tuesday! Again, I surely appreciate all the support from all the great folks! Meitaki Maata! Dale

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