Meitaki Maata!

Meitaki Maata means Thanks Much in Maori. I've got my plane tickets for my annual trip to visit all my bros in Rarotonga and Aitutaki, Cook Islands. If you've never been there, you're missing something... I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has listened to, bought, inquired about, etc...regarding my new CD, Smile & Pretend. They have been selling well and I've sent several off to Europe, especially Belgium and UK for radio stations and promotions. Also, OASIS, which is the company I've used to put my music into production, asked me if they could use Smile & Pretend for their advertising materials...of course I faxed the agreement straight-away! I've also seen a significant increase in the visits to my website from all over the globe...Thanks for checking into things and enjoy the music...I make sure all my CDs are available to listen to all the way through for free on my's always an honor to share my music with folks! I'm taking it a bit easy this holiday weekend trying to get caught up on some stuff, but will be playing on our regular Thursday night at the High Tide and at Rogers Zoo on Saturday the 31st to close out the month. We're charging $5 at the door at Rogers, then giving it all to my drummer, Danny, who is working hard to go to college....and, it's his birthday...Come on down and have some fun with us! Thanks again to everyone...or in Maori.... Meitaki Maata, Dale

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