Surf Country Genre or Americana...a definition?

We've coined the term, 'Surf Country/Americana' to describe our music. The style we play is hard to pigeon hole into a category. Last month when I was in the Austin, Texas area, I picked up one of several great magazines that are published in Texas about music, particularly Texas music. In the magazine, "The MusicFest Magazine" that is getting folks primed for the great music festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to kick off the new year January 4th -9th, it had an article that was talking about 'Americana' music. The article was written by Al Moss and I'll share some of his words here to help folks understand the challenges of labeling music. "One thing that seems to be quite predominant in the world of Americana music is that the artists more often than not write a significant amount of their music, as opposed to the more mainstream world in which many artists record music written by 'outside' writers. Also the majority of successful Americana artists perform live on a regular basis. Addistionally, Americana music is that it is genreally more organic than the more mainstream/pop music world... Even then, what Americana is to me or to anyone else is going to differ. The same goes for the radio world; what Americana is will differ from station to station based on regionalism, listeners' expectations, as well as to the station programmer's determination from each album (whether or not the music fits their mental idea of the sound they have in mnd for their station). Duke Ellington once said that there are two kinds of music - "good music and bad music." Much of Americana falls under the good category. Ultimately, what is or isn't Americana is really decided by the listener." I hope this helps explain why we call our music, 'Surf Country/Americana.' Happy Holidays! Dale

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